Have a laugh in Melbourne

April 01, 2019

It’s that time of year again when things get a little strange and ridiculous. That’s right, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is once more coming to the streets and theatres of Melbourne! You can see international acts and the brightest up-and-coming comedians performing from 27th March – 21st April in and around the CBD.

See the schedule for the day and meet comedians at the Town Hall. Source: Herald Sun.

The Melbourne Town Hall is where you can buy tickets and see the night’s schedule, and you can even meet comedians outside inviting you to see their shows. Some of the numerous acts this year include musical tributes and performances, such as the Noughty Girls and Taco Knight. There is puppetry and crime with the Bunk Puppets and a mixture of philosophy and comedy in The Return of Grazie Fibonacci.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, why not try out some sketch comedy performances? For under $15, there are one man acts, such as William Richards, or midnight sessions like Conspiracy Up Late.

See Cho Kairin perform death-defying stunts at the Melbourne Museum. Source: YouTube.

And for free shows, why not check out Cho Kairin, King of the Chinese Acrobats, perform in the Melbourne Museum Plaza? Winner of the World Championship of Daidogei (Performers), he’ll be bringing a dangerous balancing show on a tower of chairs. Or, you can head on down to Highlander Bar, which presents an array of local acts every night, including Aaron Aardvark, who broke attendance levels last year. Sit back with friends and enjoy a beer and some interesting takes on Scottish cuisine while having a laugh.

There’s free comedy at Highlander during and after the festival. Source: Hatch Macleay.

And, if you have a great time at the comedy festival, there are plenty of other places in Melbourne where you can watch comedians perform every week. There’s free entry to the Lido Cinemas every Tuesday to see a number of comedians perform in the Jazz Room. There are comedy clubs like Quick Bites, which offer free Monday sessions. You can see both seasoned and amateur comedians take the stage to try make you laugh. At Voltaire you can be entertained by a variety of performers. And, if you fancy yourself a comedian, why not try out performing at the Open Mic on Fridays?

So, come on down for a laugh in the city of Melbourne!

Source: hellotravel